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The Great Tragedy of Speed

On Apr 21, 2013 amy wrote:

Just weeks ago we read the words of Krishnamurti (in "He Who Accumulates Cannot Learn") that "communion is a very difficult art . . . requiring listening and learning . . . (going on to say that) most of us hardly listen."
"Speed" is the root cause for our lack of communion.  "Speed" is the what takes our ear from another person's story. "Speed" tells us we do not have the time or energy to commune /listen right now.  
As in a NASCAR race, the only things that take a car/driver off it's fast track is a problem.  He/she takes time for that "pit stop" . . . or may slow down for debris on the track/other emergencies related to "speed" . . . BUT this is done very efficiently (with speed) as well.  THE FOCUS is always on "THE RACE" . . . . . . . . . 

Today is Sunday (my favorite day of the week)!  I got to go to church (my favorite "pit stop") to work on my "communion skills".  The art listening, learning and stillness best accomplished at "lower speeds".

The faster we travel, the more blurred the landscape AROUND us appears.  The slower one travels, the more clearly we can focus on the people and things around us.
Blessings and Love to my Awaken brothers and sisters.          

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