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The Great Tragedy of Speed

On Apr 19, 2013 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

 Wow! Whyte's writing is fantastic.  I didn't know how dumb I was until I read this.  Previously I thought I was smarter by going faster.  Even in conversations of various sorts I too often want to get to the heart of the matter very quickly.  After reading this article I now more clearly realize that being patient is getting to the hearts of all matters.  Being patient helps one be peaceful and compassionate.  I don't seem to recall an experience that came from the belief: "I have time"  I have been reading Awakin articles for a couple of years, and I now believe that this one will probably help me the most..   Most of my accomplishments came from doing things quickly but those were done at the expense of being impatient and  non-compassionate.  You have my deep gratitude for giving me the opportunity to read this and to respond.  Warm and kind regards to everyone.

On Apr 26, 2013 deepa wrote:

I agree this article has helped me a lot too. I go through life very quickly thinking things needs to be finished. I think if the same thing is done peacefully and with more patience i guess it would be done well. The art of listening is very important as it helps us understand life and people better. We need to realize that our life is mainly to meet some interesting people. We cannot rush it as we might then forget that we have to enjoy the peace and love of everyone whom we have come to meet. 


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