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Why Not Be Ready?

On Apr 16, 2013 Rekha wrote:

 If one can at least pose the question - who am  I? - the rest of the life along with the answers you pursue will become clearer. Am I this body, senses, sensory organs, mind, or intellect? Or something more subtle and beyond all the outer layers? The next question to ask would be - why am I here? Even if the answers are not clear right now precisely, there is a general direction. The purpose of every Jeevatma or soul is to understand the reality of that One Supreme Being, there are various sadhnas to get there and our whole life has to become a Sadhna to reach that goal; it is never too soon to embark upon that journey because even though our time on this earth is determined the moment we are born but we don't know how long we have. It is said that human life is granted once after going through millions of life forms and it is only in this form that one can attain God. We cannot vile away this precious human life on mundane thoughts, relationships and actions. Higher we get his lifetime, closer we are to attaining oneness with God and exactly where we get to start next time.

On Apr 17, 2013 Ashish Gupta wrote:

very truly said ...i think that pursue of these two question is the only 1st step towards the start of the journey of ourself to recognize ourself or feeling of our oneness with the supreme... Also i feel that we should develop the attitude of applying it practically and ceaselessly in whatever we do 24x7 and try to feel the difference of changes comes through it 


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