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    On Apr 16, 2013 Syd wrote:

     I have read everyone’s comments and I appreciate everyone’s truth, even your willingness to look at death as truth.
    I have experienced so much death, in and around me, life feels now like nothingness.  This last death is like love has died, there is nothing true or valuable in which to I can believe in.  There is nothing left in which I feel I can attach myself.  In my nothingness, though, I do not feel hopeless nor do I feel my mental connections going haywire.  It seems I have not deteriorated into true craziness because I am not terrified by fear. 
    Fear is this need to be nothing and literally death is a sense of nothingness.  Death is filled with this deep experience of nothingness and nothingness offers no authority to put the anxiety to rest.  We do not look at death because of fear, the fear of being nothing.  And yet fear is not based on death itself, but it is the fear of things that might happen.  The inability to look at death also arises because we do not feel supported and with guidance.  So to me, to look at death is to look at my own nothingness.
    Leaving the familiar stepping into nothingness is like walking off the edge of the world.  It takes a deep faith to counteract the terror and the despair.  My life is death; daily is my end as death.  Faith within these daily deaths creates nothingness.  There is no belief nor can I convince myself certain beliefs are true.  So it seems to persevere I need to make this leap into nothingness and move beyond any beliefs.  Death is nothingness, only everything arises from this Nothingness, empty and yet full of potentiality.  Death has taught me the freedom to be nothing and this is the source of Life.  

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    On Apr 16, 2013 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Leap of faith-resonates with me. To live fully knowing the beginning and the end is nothingness. Such paradoxical of relating to the truth-the reality help me to go though the maze of life Not. dwelling on such felt truth but remaining connected with it helps me-the connected with the two sides of the river of life-birth and death.

    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Apr 16, 2013 D.T.Thorwe wrote:

     We have been conditioned to think that the living is separate from the death and therefore we avaoid to face the death alongwith living. In the understanding of this fact only, one can discover that the living is the dying. then no fear of any kind in relationship has place in day today life.

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