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Why Not Be Ready?

On Apr 16, 2013 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

Four significant events that occurred in  my relatively long life( 87 years ) woke me up from my daily sleepiness. The first one was I was 19 years old when  I for the first time fell passionately in love which resulted in total loss of  interest in living-a not successful  effort in dying. It took quite some time for me to wake up for my life to be back on track. The second event was witnessing the peaceful passing away of my father's life. It was another wake up call for me to realize the impermanace of life-another wake up call. The third was passing away of my mother in India  while I was in the USA. The fourth one happened just six months  ago when the sixty years of loving relationship ended by her passing away. Watching her peacefully passing away had the most powerful impact on me. It made me realize the significance of living my everyday mindfully, compassionately  and as fully as I can. It is a slow and gradual awakening, like aging gracefully and consciously. In my case, I needed powerful reminders not only to open my inner eyes but to keep them open. I needed to fall down to learn to stand up. I hastened slowly. Thanks for doing such a life awakening and enriching work you are doing.

Jagdish P Dave

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