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Why Not Be Ready?

On Apr 15, 2013 Trisette wrote:

How I look at life I would say is we should always treasure the moment we have in life, we should show love, care and forgive others as we might not get the chance to it or might be too late. At the same time we should never waste our time on people who give us pain, disappointment and let us down. Some people might change down the line but most are not willing to change. My own experience in life, I dated someone i dearly dearly loved and stood by him through the most difficult time in his life for thirteen years. But in the end I was taken for granted and he had no room for me in his life. His first preference was his family then business. My pain, hurt or tears was never felt by him, but i still kept on going with the belief he would change. But with time i realized he only wanted me to secure him self knowing I am there but not willing to give anything out to me by being there for me..... It was the most painful thing for me to take the decision if i should continue watching him devote his time for others or to pull away and find my happiness.  I chose the difficult path to pull away. Battle away from him. It is not easy but we should live for us , for our happiness for our dreams and support and make the others around us happy. But is it worth it living with someone who wants pain and tears in your eyes every minute. Always treasure the one you love who will not give you pain and hurt. The person who dont want tears in your eyes becoz he feels your pain. The person who would understand you without you talking or saying anything. The person who would love you and have time for you at any time of the day. Life is not worth suffering over people who want to see you in pain and suffer. Life is about giving a life to another person who feels dead inside. Who think he / she is worthless. Making another life important and seeing another persons smile is my priority in life. i dont want anyone to go through or feel what I did in the past few years and if I can reach out to anyone in my situation I would. As nobody deserves to live in hurt we all want to be happy.

On Apr 16, 2013 ashish gupta wrote:

 gone through your feelings i would say it may be one side of the coin ....if u really involve with someone holding the truth in your hand .....the things surely will change in your way ......and if it doesnt make sure that u were going towards the wrong direction... but atleast  feel satisfy and gratitude for the remaining life of doing the right and the best i had done .....and as far as law of nature is there... what  u have done will not go waste..  all the things will be returned back to u may be from some more precious person  


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