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Giving Somebody Your Heart

On Apr 14, 2013 someone wrote:

The passage is beautiful and a very good message indeed. I see myself few years back, saying whatever came into my mouth/mind and then saying sorry if it wasnt apt. I was truthful and i was honest. I learnt in corporate world and with outsiders that this would not do. I was punished for what i said in several ways, not getting promotion, out of the group and regular little fights.
I changed myself speaking lesser after thinking more, but ofcourse i feel less alive now. Less fulfilled and more fearful. I do think that being in an environment where you do not fit because you are just different becomes a problem. Changing yourself and constrainting your ways to less expressive and more as per social norms is a bigger problem. I am yet to find a solution which works all the time. I try to balance by being raw & expressive with few close friends now.

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