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Why Not Be Ready?

On Apr 12, 2013 Amy wrote:

 When I was a little person, I thought my life was was going to be relatively short!  As early as the second grade, and preparing to receive Jesus in the sacrament of First Eucharist, I decided and told God I needed a Father.  True to His word, He came.  
Faithfully, nightly He came to tuck me into bed at night, to tell me that He loves me, to tell me that He sees me, to tell me "I Am here", to tell me that I am safe in Him, to tell me to listen, to tell me to obey, to tell me He'd be my "Wing Man". . .  etc.. 
Interestingly, at that same time, while attending Catholic School and struggling with reading (now to know, I've dyslexia),  I found our library to carry a series of books highlighting the saints that, by the Grace of my Father, I could READ!  Each saint I read about, however, experienced God deeply and then died.
Such was the way my young mind processed what I read in relation to my own experience.  I thought God only "came near" to lead one to "that new place He prepared."  
What I learned in all of this; whether here on earth or born to heaven, we LIVE.  Thanks be to God . . . My faithful Father!

Very Thankful for YOU!        

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