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Tale of Two Sermons

On Mar 26, 2013 amy wrote:

If 100 Brothers (for example) were to give an identical, "scripted sermon", I'd be willing to bet, a single listener would get 100 different "understandings" from that singe message.  In my opinion, "the word" and it's "speaker" commingle.         One cannot separate one from the other!   
The delivery and reception of a message passes through a variety of very personal channels before it exits a mouth and enters an ear!  A mind, a heart, a spirit, a personality, an energy, a degree of passion, a reality, a level of knowledge, an understanding, an experience and (of course) the DNA . . . of the speaker AND the listener . . . all play out in "the processing".
Always Love . . . Enjoyed the article! 

On Mar 28, 2013 Thierry wrote:

There is much more to her comment but Amy is pointing to something important which is interpretation. One teacher I used to listen to with some intensity would constantly warn the listener at the beginning of his talks against his or her  tendency to interpret what he said, or compare what he said with previous knowledge. In short,  the danger was of translating the new into the old. Right from start, he made it clear that interpretation stood in the way of actual understanding. With the same intention he would warn the listener against his/her tendency to be influenced by his reputation, his appearance, in brief by some image the listener might have of the speaker. All things pertaining to the realm of personality and leading to miss understanding. That which G., if I am not mistaken, would call 'consideration'.  



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