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    On Mar 12, 2013 Jim Foley wrote:

     There's actually a brain basis for the Buddha's wisdom; the emotional part of the pain experience, the negative label, is a completely separate process. There are parallels with purely emotional pain too; my work with clients who are depressed, for example, sometimes has to start with ending their depression about the depression (self-shaming comments about not coping better). With anxiety problems, it is so often the extra arrow of anxiety about the anxiety that leads to the real suffering, the obssessing, compulsions, avoidance; I teach people the image of letting the anxiety rise and fall like a wave passing you on the beach rather than fighting the waves or running from each one.

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    On Apr 27, 2013 Luv4all wrote:

    Hi Jim,

    I do see some anxiety stored within myself for few deep fears of failure, loneliness, sickness etc. Sometimes, during my meditation i meet with anxiety and fear and see the discomfort in my breathing, mind and body. Any suggestion to help eradicate these.


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    On Apr 27, 2013 me wrote:

     My heart goes out to you Jim!  My husband and son went fishing yesterday . . . spent the entire day out on the Wolf River.  (My husband caught one, his friend Paul, caught 2 and my son didn't even have a bite!)  I was home struggling with a 24 hour flu bug!  In this weakened state, I felt yesterday what you feel today.  I hear you!
    Best remedies for this . . . get moving . . . find people . . . walk . . . "shock yourself" with sights and sounds outside yourself.  Get your mind off of what is bothering you!  
    I love you!

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