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    On Mar 11, 2013 Manish wrote:

     I guess the idea here is to stay away from mental anguish due to physical pain and so the following comment maybe besides the point and purely about physical body but for whatever its worth.....

    Based on my experience with the back pain, I wish I had cared about the small physical pains I was going through and not ignored them because after about 6 months of ignoring the pain, the situation became so bad that I went through years of chronic pain (and related anguish) due to inaction early on. Again, I understand that this is not the point here :) and the focus here is on controlling the anguish due to pain but just wanted to throw out a practical aspect of why its important to understand the root cause of any pain even if its small. If you don't, things could get worse if the root cause worsens. 

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    On Apr 27, 2013 someone wrote:

    My prayers or relief from your pain and wisdom to be able to bear with it. Hope you are trying alternate healing methods and home remedies as well. These are quite helpful sometimes.

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