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Processing Anger With An Open Heart

On Feb 20, 2013 Tharanath G wrote:

     First of all Being in the state of Anger it self is an issue!! As the old saying goes Prevention is better than cure.. One need to learn not to be angry.. How do we do that?

    one can be more happy {(Less angry or No angry)I would like to use the word Happy more than anger..}

    Just by being Fully AWARE with complete ACCEPTANCE of self and also others, all the while practicing GRATITUDE, COMPASSION, RESPECT and LET GO.

    All the above bold words are key words..If needs to be explained, becomes big subject by itself.
Now lets say i get angry with some body or/for some situation. Then resulting action can be either i can do some thing about it or I wont be able to do anything about it. Either way my options are very limited.. If you can do some thing about the situation Then do it and forget it. If you cant do anything, then there is nothing that you could do. so why you do you let your emotions spoil your happiness and peace of mind. Simply accept the fact that there is nothing you can do about and you choose to let it go and in turn be in peace.

    Lets assume scenario where anger has taken over, Not being able to do anything (react) has turned in to anger and it has become a fire and burning  us inside out.. resulting in outburst of anger, Finally I am left out with Irritation, loss of peace of mind and sleep. is this what we wanted. is the our peace controlled by external stimuli..
    Happiness is deep within us!! No body can give it or take it away from us!! Our mind is a super computer. only if we know how to programme it!!

As I said rather than thinking in the lines of Being in Anger with open heart, We might look at being in a state of bliss where no amount of provocation can induce state of anger. In that state, even if we get angry, it will be momentary, we will also be able to get out of angry state in no time..

    All we need is AWARENESS, to be aware that Neither i am not perfect, Nor the world, Every thing and every one has their own perceptions, What is right for me may not be right for somebody else. each perceptions are backed by strong beleifs based on their backgrounds. So how can be anybody right or anybody wrong..Accept this fact and LET YOUR ANGER GO...

Thanks for reading!!

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