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Processing Anger With An Open Heart

On Feb 19, 2013 Viren Shah wrote:

Some comments and observation:

1. Anger is kind of mental suffering, which is optional and one's choice.

2. To become angry on someone, we have to produce anger in ourselves.

3. When one is angry for whatever reason, the burst of negative energy can be chandelled into positive path.

4. Anger gets reduced to the extent, one reconciles with situation, people etc..

5.  The fire of anger not only burns oneself but also others. This fire continues even the situation or person has left the scene.

6.When one is angry on oneself, then it is one of worst kind of suffering.

7. Anger starts igniting, depending upon what is the meaning of his life. The greater the meaning of life, there will be lesser or no anger.

Viren Shan - Mumbai

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