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Processing Anger With An Open Heart

On Feb 15, 2013 david doane wrote:

 Anger is not a necessary emotion.  Anger is an option, and living in a culture filled with anger, we learn to be angry and learn that it's okay and/or justified.  But that doesn't make it okay or necessary.  We can strongly not like something that is happening without becoming angry.  We can object, assert, disagree, disapprove, oppose, be steadfast, be strong, feel urgency, take action, and speak with clarity and power without being angry.  Having an open heart certainly helps.  I don't think we can be angry and open hearted at the same time.  As I anger, my heart closes.  We develop the ability to keep an open heart by realizing that it isn't necessary to get angry, and by practicing objecting, asserting, disagreeing, etc without becoming angry or indulging in anger and by remaining open to the other person.  It's difficult, and I'm no great example, but it is possible and important to do.

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