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Beyond the Conflict of Inner Forces

On Feb 4, 2013 Sethi wrote:

 Thank you for sharing . As a child I used to listen to stories and also read stories  of good triumphs over evil , be it in the Ramayana , Mahabharta and that got deeply ingrained in my DNA .   In my own life I have  experienced the same , When I have encouraged the negative part of me , that part got the upper hand and in the process my negativity became visible in terms of anger , jealousy , ego , etc . I had an emotional roller coaster ride and in the process my marriage broke up . However that was in the past which I have put behind . Thereafter the transformation gradually happened as I listened to the voice within and I uncovered the veil within  which covered the spiritual part of me . I encouraged the positive within me and love , trust  peace , understanding , humility , gratitude have been the dominant emotions of my life . This has also helped me to heal my relationships with whoever I have hurt in my life and healed the relationships starting with my wife .  It has been a wonderful experience walking my own path in life .

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