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Beyond the Conflict of Inner Forces

On Feb 3, 2013 david doane wrote:

 I love this piece -- I think it is about something very important about us and for us.  What we call good and evil, both  inside us and outside us, is all us.  It's just that some of me and some of others I don't like, so I separate from it and call it wrong or evil, repress it and disown it, and in the process it festers and grows in a distorted way (at least in my perception), and I see it as not me.  I disidentify with parts or aspects of me and us and I come to see a split within me between my good self and my dark side, and as a people we come to see a split  between us (good) and them (bad).  But it's all me, it's all us, and it is important to feed all of me and all of us, what I call good and what I call evil.  It is easy to feed or nurture what I call good -- I like for that to show.  To feed the parts of me and us that I call evil means to acknowledge, listen to, explore, learn from, accept and embrace those parts, rather than demonize and repress and fight them.  They are all me.  They are all us.  They are different from what I prefer, but they are not separate, and that is important to remember.  We make separations in our minds.  When I see aspects of me and others as separate from me and evil, I see them as the enemy to fight and destroy.  When I see expressions of me and us as different and hard for me to accept, they are most likely unknown by me, and by realizing it's all me and us, by owning and incorporating those aspects,  I grow and become integrated.  Staying mindful of this has been important for me, including that I become more accepting and compassionate and more free to be accepting and compassionate.

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