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Gift from the Sea

On Jan 9, 2013 amy wrote:

 My uncle, upon returning from war (in the the 60s) had difficulty readjusting to life.  He didn't have a job, he had no money, (he had a father unwilling to even loan him a few bucks) . . . he had little in terms of faith and personal friendships . . . received "a gift from the sea".  In this troubled time, he spent a lot of time walking the shores of Lake Michigan trying to "find a way" . . . to "find himself".  Without the love, guidance and support of a father (earthly) and Father (heavenly), this 'discovery' was made in time/thru nature.  In his time outdoors (because I understand he was without shelter, by choice, for a time) he began collecting things he'd find in nature.  When his rock and driftwood collection became quite sizable, he began making beautiful furniture creations . . . which lead to opening up a little shop to sell his works (Sister Bay, Door County) . . . which lead to sleeping in his own bed . . . under a  true roof . . . which lead to his meeting people and ultimately, my aunt!  
In seeking himself, he received "gifts from the sea" (lake) . . . and a Father in Heaven to assist him in using "His gifts".       Absolutely, free!          

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