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Gift from the Sea

On Jan 8, 2013 Rekha Garg wrote:

 I think the idea here is in conformity with the law of karma - its the ocean of karma from which we get gifts of all kinds and we have no choice now. In the current state we just have no way of knowing our past accumulated karma and what is coming our way next. We just have to have faith in the system. All we can do is wait and see while staying on our path. Staying calm and still will make accepting what comes forth, easy! Also this state will probably lead us into the intricacies of our eternal memory and bring peace. Fighting or digging for treasures may not bring what our heart desires right now. It is more important to enjoy and focus on the journey than waste our time waiting for the destination.
We do not choose most anything in life. Its just that when things turn our the way we wanted, we have more faith in God and when they don't, that's not the God you want to believe in. What you believe currently or not does not change the fact that there is a universal power who runs this world. When you look at nature and the rules with which it operates, you have to have faith in an entity who is responsible for all this. The real Me has to reconnect with that God  and that's all there is to it.

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