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The Seven Traits of Creative People

On Mar 30, 2007 Conrad wrote:

Chopra is excellent. H e reminds me of stem cells whichrelate to stem goals and creative stem learning. I am reminded of Dr. James Guinan’s twelve statements which I call stem goals. These stem goals encompass a simple and unassuming manner of life, as Einstein suggested, and they embody a creative contagious element capable of initiating a chain reaction. TWELVE STEM GOALS 1. have an increased tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen. 2. have frequent attacks of smiling. 3. have feelings of being connected with others and nature. 4. have frequent, almost overwhelming, episodes of appreciation. 5. have the tendency to think and act spontaneously, rather than from fears based on past experiences. 6. have unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment, and to make the best out of each experience. 7. lose the ability to worry. 8. lose interest in conflict. 9. lose interest in interpreting the actions of others. 10. lose interest in judging others. 11. lose interest in judging self. 12. be compassionate to self and others without expecting anything in return.

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