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Gift from the Sea

On Jan 8, 2013 aj wrote:

 "The beach" would be choiceless because it is not capable choosing.  The sand, shell, stone, wood found on a beach are where they are because nature's "forces" (wind, water, waves,ect.) move them about and constantly change them.  People, lying on a beach, have the choice how to use this time.  
Personal sharing:  When I am at the lake with my family, I sometimes "choose" to sit at the end of the dock in my lounge chair (in hope no one will follow me out there) to read, to pray, to think, to simply be ('as a beach'), to sleep, to have the sound of the wind take the world away, to have the waves move me (if I'm out on the raft), to be rocked like a babe within it's mum's womb  . . . to write!
For a time, it's good to let nature have it's way with me.  When "as a beach", I have no responsibilities, attachments . . . I am free.  Kind of cool!  
Nature saying, "Rest for awhile with me."            

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