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Gift from the Sea

On Jan 8, 2013 Narendra wrote:

 What does lying "choice-less on a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea" mean to you?  It means being clear-minded and aware enough to connect to higher consciousness and be inspired. A beach or any natural beauty of a mountain or a sky can overwhelm our ego and makes us contemplative and ready for communion with nature. In this state it is possible to access profound information from common consciousness or the so-called ‘Akashik’ records. This is the same source of information that the yogis, genius, savants and some autistics receive their unique ‘gift’.  This is also the source of inspiration for poets, artists and even some scientists. How do you interpret "faith?"  Faith is belief in the wisdom of our own higher consciousness, to guide us in our lives, without the interference of our conscious and subconscious mind. It is an effort to go beyond the intellect of our ego and emotions of our subconscious/soul to access the wisdom of common consciousness through love and devotion. Can you share a personal story that brings out your experience with choice-less-ness? There are two states of choice-less-ness. One takes me to dullness and the second to higher consciousness. The first is natural and the second requires self-effort, love and discipline. Love makes extraordinary effort peaceful and enjoyable. When I make an extraordinary effort (Tapas) in search of a result and than let go for while, in peaceful meditation or even sleep (‘to erase yesterdays scribbling’), I can find surprising solutions to my challenges. If the goal is unselfish, this self-effort works even better. With effort, love and awareness, I will have cut through the limits of conscious and subconscious to create a pointer to access the network of common consciousness. Without this pointer access, a peaceful beach, a mountain or a sky can at best give us the gift of a peaceful sleep.

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