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Social Intelligence

On Dec 28, 2012 j wrote:

My husband is a very proactive individual . . . me, by nature, more reactive.  A reactive person's emotional economy, to varying degrees, is affected by the people, happenings, circumstances . . . challenges of that day (whether we want it to or not)!  A proactive person's emotional economy (again, to varying degrees) is less affected by the variables of the day.
My husband goes into a day much the same as he comes out of it because of his "focus".  This can be good and bad!  He is less sensitive to/aware of OTHERS emotions because of his own needs/goals.  The more "reactive one" (me) seeks to better balance this.  We need to care about the needs/feelings/thoughts of our brothers and sisters . . . but not to the point we are consumed by them.    In matters "transcending" . . . I'm still learning.   

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