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On Dec 28, 2012 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

 I have some difficulty in making clear separations between emotions and thoughts since they are so intertwined.  So instead of asking how do I transcend the emotional economy to make the emotions I entertain a decision and not reactive choice, I would change that to how do I transcend the rational/emotional economy to make the emotional rationality I entertain a decision not reactive choice?  Awareness is the key and awareness generates equanimity.  By noticing my noticing while I am noticing helps me avoid catching the "rhinovirus."   I recall reading that Plato stated one's experience is like riding a chariot with a white horse of reason and a black horse of passion.  The white horse of reason was continually in charge of controlling the black horse of passion from taking the chariot off the appropriate road.   My sense is that especially in the Western world, we all have been so overly trained in being overly rational  that we fail to notice that being compassionate has an emotional element and rational element..  As Gandhi said: "There is no way to peace.  Peace is the way," so too might we say there is no way to compassionate.  Compassionate awareness is the way. Warm and kind regards to everyone now and for all of 2013..

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