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On Dec 27, 2012 a wrote:

I am so thankful for my daily dose of "paroxetine"!  When my doctor prescribed this to me he said, (not in so many words), "When someone dumps their toxic words/feelings on you, this medication will allow 'the words' to wash off you (not affect you the way they normally would)!  Medication works . . . thanks be to God for creating men/women able to come up with these "right combinations".
I am weak.  I am able to tolerate little in the department of over reactions . . . wrong reactions . . . too much drama-reactions . . . unjust reactions.  As a youth, I witnessed a lot of "emotional reactions" . . . both positive and negative . . . teaching me much.  
~As a child, I took it.
~As an adult, I can step back and assess it.  
~Best to keep emotions at bay . . . stick to love and logic . . . come to an orderly, more calm and rational place . . . if "the storm" was meant for me (I need to "take it") . . . if "the storm" was meant for someone else (I need to let it pass)
Personal story:  Lots of storms/unleashed emotions in my home in the 60s and 70s!  God and I hung out 'in the eye' of it!  I allowed the craziness of it to swirl around me but tried very hard not to get caught up in it/the pull of it.  In 'the eye', I stayed . . . with Truth and Peace.  (as best I could)

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