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Always Had It, Always Will

On Dec 19, 2012 Tamilyn wrote:

My reflection .. i notice 2960 reads and 10 comments and great comments they are :) !!!!! 

 I cant help but wonder there others like me ??? i sat here for 15 minutes waiting for something profound enough to be considered my deepest words of wisdom too come to me .. after all i think i am pretty deep and vast in my "wisdom" of life .. i received nothing just the mutterings of my ego.." start a sentence .. erase .. no that is not it , because________( any number of reasons) ..hmmmm " .. i think because i am at home, in my comfort zone and not suddenly called upon like in the story ... my ego and brain were able to take charge and tell me all the reasons why what i had to say to anyone are not deep or wise "enough" ...but in other instances in my life whether it be a friend or a  stranger on my path , i have had the honor of experiences were i have been able to use my "deep wisdom" words automatically ,from somewhere inside of me that is instinctual and knowing .. I am not honestly able to say what i would say unless i was placed in that setting...other then.. The hardest thing in the midst of distractions of fear and trappings of ego is to be ..just be.....  very interesting insightful  "prank" :)

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