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Always Had It, Always Will

On Dec 18, 2012 a wrote:

 Ricky is right!  . . . We ALL have words of wisdom to share.  From our "first words" . . . to our last, nuggets of wisdom tucked.  
My life experience brings me to these words of wisdom . . . 
~Be yourself
~Celebrate yourself
~Get to know your strengths.  (In these, you'll learn God's plan and purpose for you here on earth.)
~Be O.K. with your weaknesses (God gives us all "thorns" to keep us near Him!  . . . I'm so thankful for mine!) 
~Learn what weaknesses can be turned into strengths in and thru the power of Heaven, HIS HOLY SPIRIT, living in you.   (We may not be able to do things on our own, but . . . WITH Christ . . . all things possible!)
~Do not be afraid.  Whether we live here or there (in Heaven) . . . it's all good.  
~Be open to the sun/Son everyday.
~God is Boss.  No earthly man/woman comes before His truth.  (On Him, I am confident and secure.)  
~Never stop "speaking".  Someone is listening.
~Take care of and celebrate OTHERS!
~Love, time, respect, kindness, an ear . . . the BEST GIFTS you can give.
~Listen to "your children" . . . wisdom everywhere and in everyone . . . because God there!  
 ~There is NO > (greater than) or < (less than) among us . . . there is only = (equal to)!  (Giving one one reason to
   I love you!

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