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Always Had It, Always Will

On Dec 17, 2012 LM wrote:

With the internal (and external) disturbances I have been going through these past few weeks, I was thinking I would have nothing to say when I read this week's passage. All of a sudden, a couple of comments were added to a previous Awakin reading - 'A Whole New Dimension of Love' and I received a message because I had previously commented there. Out of curiosity, I re-read the article, the new comments, and some old ones - when I came across my own comment. Reading it suddenly gave me a new perspective, and not in an intellectual way. It opened my heart and lifted a burden off me, as if a good friend had sat next to me and listened with love. The part of that comment that resonated today: "...when we respect each other's journey and hold to to something within us and not outside us. Then we can truly let go. If we are truly happy and satisfied with what is within us (or our seeking is purely internal), then we interact with others to know their journeys, see parallels between our paths; and see how we can help them. Then, when we seek joy in our contributions to/sharing with others..."  While it does not immediately solve my problems, it gives me lightness of heart and some clarity. I do wonder, though, if I have digested it fully (or it would not have struck me so forcefully :) ) or if it would have been the same 'words of wisdom' that I would have said at any other point in time! 

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