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10 Principles of The Artist's Way

On Dec 4, 2012 a wrote:

Creativity is very much a spiritual experience.  Creative gifts are unseen to the naked, human eye.  Unless spoken or demonstrated, creativity remains hidden (spiritually "packaged").  Something we experience, creativity is a personal gift.  Example:   Taking a class room of children, given identical time and supplies for a project . . . each will "create" something uniquely magnificent (just as God did with our finger prints)!  We have no idea what their little "mind eyes" are seeing or thinking, but God does.  When God told us to be fruitful and to multiply, He meant for us "to create".   In union with the Him, we think, act . . . and create.  Allowing the creativity of the Heavens and earth to flow in and through us, heightens/maximizes our personal creative potential.
Finally, in creating us, God had a specific plan and purpose.  We need to be "midwife" . . .  step aside . . . to our own creative juices . . . and the miracles He births thru us.               

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