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10 Principles of The Artist's Way

On Dec 4, 2012 david doane wrote:

All is one, and creativity begins with living that.  Each being is an expression of Being, or Spirit.  Being is the ground or source of all life and all creativity, and as I am in touch with Being, open to it and allowing of it, I am open to and allow creativity to flow, to pass through me, like opening that gate at the top of a field irrigation system that the author speaks of.  The key to that gate is to recognize that I am in union with Being, and to be open and allow, which opens and allows all channels, right brain and left brain, beyond rational and rational, unconscious and conscious, seen and unseen, to flow.  That experience of union with Being or Spirit is a spiritual experience.  I've learned in my life that I am most creative, in writing and living, when I think minimally, let my writing and behavior flow, hang loose, trust the process, give myself leeway, and not double-think which stops my flow.  In writing, I am most creative when I let myself write without interruption and then go back later and edit what I wrote, rather than edit as I go along.   When I open and allow, I am midwifing and witnessing my own creativity, or the creativity that is moving through me, and I love it.  I have moments of being that way, and still hold myself back much too often.  

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