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Planetary Birth

On Nov 6, 2012 Thierry wrote:

I don't know about otherworldly explanations. It seems to me that what the author is trying to say is very much about holding the present global crisis in a helpful perspective. This is what is required by the circumstances; not denial, not explanations.
The simile with birth is a valid one because birth is a critical moment and the beginning of a new growth. Most important, birth, and the growth that follows, is a natural, organic process. In Alan Watts words, one does'nt come into this world, one grows out of it. So that humanity is in that critical condition, at that turning point, about to give birth to a new process and grow out of its old paradigms ...or perish.
The process of growing more conscious does'nt go without hurts, without pain. It does'nt happen without some pressure, be it the pressure of one's own discontent. It does'nt go without anxiety as one knows that one is going to face the unfamiliar, that the outcome is uncertain. But humanity as a whole is not unlike the little boy or the little girl  we have been who resisted growing while eager to grow and excited by new perspectives.

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