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Planetary Birth

On Nov 6, 2012 Elaina Skyewing wrote:

Greetings Everyone! My name is Elaina..I am a Starseed/Lightworker/Rainbow Warrior/ShamaNumerologist...I decode words for spiritual enlightenment....GREAT ARTICLE!;) REBIRTH=REB(EARTH)...;)  Earth is encoded into REB(IRTH) Irth is just spelled differently, but the sound is the same.  HEART AND EARTH are one and the same they both work in unison, and our heart beat is our own drum we crafted with source before we got here, and not listening to our own rhythm, puts everything out of sync. MOTHER EARTH=(A) MOTHER(S) HEART..;) The Great Womb Mandala is NOW being RebEARTHed, and the love and bliss that was suppose to be felt inside the body shall be reborn. Child birth was not suppose to be painful, but because all the wiring was crossed on purpose, from the food system, and brainwashing from the Elite, women were not able to give birth in ecstacy. This love/ecstacy that was suppose to be felt/experienced, coats the infant, and the mother/child bond is clicked into place.  The Elite's purpose has been to break the mother/child bond, which this scenario gets acted out onto Mother Earth, hence all the destruction to the female aspect.  Circumcision=136  is a direct hit numerically to: Heaven on as the pain is felt inside the infant, it breaks the love bond between them, and this DISCONNECTS the DIVINE MASCULINE....!!!!   The DIVINE MASCULINE is HUGE and must be uncorked for everything to run smoothly...!!!   WE ARE HERE, WE ARE AWARE AND WE ARE READY FOR THE DIVINE BLUEPRINT WHICH IS HEAVEN ON EARTH,AND WE ARE WELCOMING THE NEW FEMALE AND THE NEW MALE AND THE NEW CHILDREN THAT SHALL BE REBORN THROUGH LOVE!;)  BLESSINGS!;)  Please connect up with me on Facebook:  Elaina Skyewing   Youtube: Liquidbutterflye   Website: 

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