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    On Nov 5, 2012 Narendra wrote:

     How do you relate to the author's use of the birth metaphor to describe the present human condition? Birth, life and death apply to all aspects of nature including cultures, planet and stars.  There is also potential for premature self-destruction of this earth by humans, like children playing with a gun - if our selfishness based limited intelligence does not evolve in to unselfish wisdom of peace and Natural harmony, before it is too late. The author implies the need to hold and nurture that which is being born, bearing all the pain that comes with such a holding, and at the right moment, let it separate naturally without holding on to it - how can we bring such an attitude to all that we are creating? The right moment for birth of wisdom may not happen naturally, in time.  The birth of ‘wisdom and tolerance’ may have to be self-induced. There are nuclear weapons with intolerant groups that can result in global catastrophe.  There is a need to know that all life forms, from plants to planets, including animals, humans, cultures etc evolve in three stages : Tamas-physical awareness, Rajas-selfish/emotional awareness and Satva- love/unselfish awareness. Currently, the collective human consciousness/culture is in the second stage. It is intelligent, emotional and potentially self-destructive. We need to evolve in to the next stage of wisdom/love of collective harmony with nature, as soon as possible.  Hinduism has recognized these stages in its long history of several thousands of years. It has developed a culture of healthy respect and a loving relationship with all aspects of nature through love and worship, not just intellectual understanding of nature. This wisdom needs to be made global before it is lost in the current aggressive global rush for greed and ‘modernization’. Can you relate a personal experience where you felt that you were giving birth to something sacred? All unselfish creativity, however small it is, is sacred. It is a display of universal love by humans. It is identified and supported by nature for its own collective survival as ‘mother nature’.

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