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Witnessing: A Form of Compassion

On Mar 7, 2007 Conrad wrote:

Einstein said: “However, if one renounces the assumption that what is present in different parts of space has an independent, real existence, then I don't see at all what physics is supposed to be describing. For what is thought to be a "system" is, after all, just conventional, and I do not see how one is supposed to divide up the world objectively so that one can make statements about the parts.”17 (M. Born, ed., Albert Einstein–Hedwig und Max Born. Briefwechsel 1916–55, Nymphenburger, Munich (1969), p. 223.) Thank you Viral for the opportunity to share athought from Einstein and another from Meister Eckhart who says, "The more deeply we are our true selves, the less self is in us.” Peace,Conrad

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