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    On Oct 16, 2012 Narendra wrote:

     What has been an effective method of conquering evil thoughts for you? As a part of evolution, the Brain-mind developed in multiple layers, - as an analog computer and with very limited control. Therefore, most of the thoughts are ignorant, not evil. If we learn to identify thought patterns through silent witnessing, we can gain limited control over the THOUGHT PATTERNS. This is ‘witnessing the ego from the Self’. Meditation is to experience the elusive ‘Self’ by clearing ALL thoughts, which is more difficult. The author emphasizes patient work - what is your reflection on the need for patience in the quest to gain mastery of our minds? Any kind of physical work can help slow down the mind. Love of effort brings in creativity and presence of mind. In the absence of love of effort, work can bring dullness. Attention to quality of work brings patience and discipline. Can you share a personal story that illustrates an experience of focusing on the good while refusing to give attention to evil thoughts? By chanting the Dharma mantra such as ‘discipline, love, courage, truth ... etc’ which is based on universal-moral principles, as a background task, we can develop an ethical, unselfish philosophy of life that permeates all our thoughts and actions. In my life, this minimized both random and negative thought patterns to create peace, happiness and harmony.  

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