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    On Oct 16, 2012 Rod Templin wrote:

     Have been a runner for over 50 years. A couple of decades ago began using "running mantras" (after doing TM for about 25 years). These mantras can be created based on personal experience. Using them in rhythm with breathing and footstrikes, one can reprogram the mind to replace unwanted thoughts. One of the first ones to come to me, "Living love erases fear, as flowing water carves out stone, and morning light dispels the darkness." (Inspired by an early morning run along a high mountain stream.) Now working on a book to share this technique and the "controlled thoughts" that have come over the years. Another example, "To let the mind just empty out, that's what this run is all about. Oh what Joy this is, feeling lifeforce bubble and fizz! "  Thanks for offering this forum allowing folks to share in MEANINGFUL dialogue.

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