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The Way of the Farmer

On Oct 12, 2012 Suchitra wrote:

 The author has put up the concept of infinity in nature very nicely. I appreciate the message it conveys. In a way we are all extensions of nature, being one of the multitude of creations that exist on the face of this earth. Everything was fine when there was mutual acknowledgement between the species. Man being blessed with the so called higher senses started out on the road leading to developement and sophistication. In this journey, man has cleverly taken over nature in the name of developement and utilized the rich natural resources for the same. The craving/desire for more and better living, is right now the bitter pill which we are unable to swallow. Where is the much cherished nature and species, which are the basis for our existence. Now we are worried and are frantically trying to find solutions for the problems created by man. Yes everything comes at a cost, but definetly not at the cost of the existence of another creature. Live and let live must be the motto for existence. 

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