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The Way of the Farmer

On Oct 7, 2012 david doane wrote:

 The author sounds angry, not peaceful.  What I learn from nature is that nature is everything, that is, peaceful, violent, consistent, inconsistent, always changing.  I and everyone and everything are part of nature and are like nature.  It makes more sense to accept and go with nature rather than to fight it.  It makes sense to respect nature and treat it well since I am part of it.  Simplicity means to me to have an abiding awareness that I am one with nature, an expression of it, and thus to respect it and live in alignment with it.  I think the author is saying that if we would live in harmony with nature there would be food to eat and water to drink.  Greed and disrespect for nature are ways of not living in harmony with nature and result in catastrophes like people starving.  On a very simple level, I have an apple tree and some tomato plants in my back yard -- I do very little for them or to them, and they provide me with apples and tomatoes, with no worry or greed necessary on my part.   

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