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    On Sep 25, 2012 Bijay Naik wrote:

     If you believe that you truly understand, within your own mind, what truth is approximated by the Buddhist concept "Sunyata" and you are fully satisfied with your own understanding without any trace of doubt within your mind, then you have the tools to deal appropriately (call it Karma Yoga or whatever you like) with situations where you become angry with others and others become angry with you, you judge others and others judge you, you fail in your duty and you see others fail in their duties, you see misfortune overwhelm you and many others, you relentlessly hear about war and destruction on earth, as well as situations when you do a selfless act and see many others do so for your benefit and for others, you forgive injustice done to you and see others forgive you for the damage you have done to them, you hear about people give up their own lives to save other lives, plus all the beautiful and ecstatic situations you can encounter in life.... and the list can go on and on.  Life is amazing, the unfathomable mystery of it!

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