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The Spirit of Karma Yoga

On Sep 25, 2012 Jeff wrote:

 In the book Your Soul's Gift, author Robert Schwartz used psychics to access pre-birth plans.  Now granted this is tenuous so just consider this a spiritual theory (i.e. it can not be proved) but it is quite interesting nonetheless.  One of the findings was that in many cases people would agree to come to earth with someone else in order to experience something we judge as "bad" or "selfish" (alcoholism for example) in order that their partner might experience spiritual growth through dealing with the challenge.  One example was of a highly advanced soul who came to earth as the brother of two rich women and subsequently became a homeless alcoholic.  The purpose of his life was a great sacrifice to them and was for their growth, and yet society would judge him as a failure and as someone to be pitied. This clearly illustrates that we can never know whether actions are selfish or born out of great love.

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