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    On Sep 23, 2012 Narendra wrote:

     How can we stop ourselves from judging the selfishness of others, based on the wisdom that no one can know whether the act sprang from Karma Yoga or selfish action? Karmayoga creates  'happiness for all', without exceptions.  This intention separates Karmayoga from actions based on selfish goals..... Genetics, environment and culture dominate all life forms. In most cases, our lives are patterns in evolution and conformation. We evolve from ignorance to selfishness, and on to unselfishness, as we all search for love, peace and happiness in life. Some are ahead of others in evolution. Therefore, with an open mind, it is possible to stop judging and, help or appreciate others – or ignore them, if they are not harming anyone........ The author traces selfishness as the root of anger, even when the intent is good - what is your experience on this? Karmayoga is an expression of unconditional love in action. There is no room for anger when there is love.  Anger is an expression of selfish ego. It separates us from the flow of love in nature or the Self, with ego-made rules.... Can you share a story from your life that illustrates the difference between Karma Yoga and selfish action?  Selfish action and associated ego lead me to a turbulent life of competition and left me in isolation, with only material comforts and emptiness of heart. Unselfish effort (Karmayoga) attracted other unselfish, loving people in to my life. It provided fulfillment of love. Surprisingly, the identity that my ego craved for was also fulfilled! As a result, my 'ego' supported my unselfish efforts!....What do you understand by "performing one's duty perfectly?"   Perfection is a state. The world we live-in, is in constant transition. There is no perfection. However, perfection can be an unattainable goal like Nirvana or Moksha, as long as it does not generate stress and unhappiness. We have an obligation to do the best we can in any accepted responsibility. This requires a disciplined Dharmic life to overcome the disturbing body instincts, emotions and thought patterns.  The Process of Dharmic life or Karmayoga, starts with a 'Dharma mantra' such as 'Discipline, love, courage, truth...etc', to reprogram our attitude.  

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