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The Spirit of Karma Yoga

On Sep 21, 2012 Ganoba wrote:

 There is a confusion between self and ego.
The self is not bound by time and space, hence it is free from the linear rule of cause and effect. For the self time, like space does not travel. It just is, hence it does not bother about consequences. It does what needs to be done in the present moment. Call it duty if you like.
The ego is an image of the self as seen by the others (for the self there are no others) which itself is a myth. Hence the ego performs and recommends only those actions that would be beneficial to it. The egos perspective is narrow and short term. The ego has a tunnel vision, a tunnel that gets narrower as we proceed along it.
Liberal and liberating action (Karma Yog) is not egocentric. It is not selfless but self full.

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