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One February Morning in Vietnam

On Aug 30, 2012 rajnikant wrote:

 The Holistic Science of the Vitaraga Purusas would cause all duality to gradually dwindle and disappear. When one finds oneself reflected or projected in everyone and in every being, one would experience the world as innocent and instrumental, leaving no scope for any grievance or blame on anyone or on anything. This is an amazing, solacing and pacifying experience of 'ONENESS' with the entire world. Some simple experience that comes to my mind is that when you agree on a matter with either family members, friends, person you do not like, in the office and in business that creates oneness with the person. Now when some one tells you that you are stupid, no good, etc.. if your inner reaction is calm and quite thinking I am not stupid and the person is my echo of my past, then the vibration created are very positive and with that if you smile and move on with another topic with the same person, that would create oneness with that person and will immediately calm the atmosphere. I have been able to be with oneness and have been living with rich inner feeling and oneness. First important thing is to have oneness with one's ownself. The buck starts with oneself by knowing who am I?

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