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One February Morning in Vietnam

On Aug 29, 2012 Narendra wrote:

 What do you make of the author's likening a seeker's seeking of oneness to a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick?….Experience of One ness is common when we are with nature and when it subdues our ego. It can also be non-repeatable experience of consciousness triggered by chance, near death accident, drugs or even mental disorder. To access this state at-will requires clearing the conscious and the subconscious mind- the unattainable carrot…………..
How does your own seeking feel to you?…..The very desire to look for the experience can be a deterrent. To ignore the search and tTo be in the present appears to be a better approach. This requires the ability to love the present moment, no matter what it is, at all times. This can happen only when both our conscious and the subconscious are clear. When this habit becomes spontaneous, hopefully before death, there will be the experience of oneness, if not it could be after death :) ………………..
 Can you share a personal experience when you completely accepted this "wonderfully terrible world just as it is"?……I have not had the experience of ‘the Bliss’ of one-ness, yet. I am working on it. It is still a carrot. The ‘wonderfully terrible’ world can be a ‘terrible’ from ego-centered perspective and ‘wonderful’ from a ‘nature-centered’ perspective.

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