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One February Morning in Vietnam

On Aug 28, 2012 david doane wrote:

The author's first experience of oneness happened.  Who knows how or why.   I think the analogy of trying to make it happen again is accurate for the author, but that's not how it happens.  The experience of oneness happens by allowing it, being open to it, and realizing it.  I don't seek it.  Learning about my/our oneness with all that is, thinking about it, and  listening to others that I respected refer to it and speak of their experience of oneness, helped awaken my awareness to the experience of oneness.  I guess I oriented myself to the experience of oneness, but I didn't make it happen in a direct way.  I don't accept this wonderfully terrible world just as it is any more than I accept my wonderfully terrible self.  The world and I have serious faults, and I am more accepting of it and me, so I am moving in that direction, but I'm not there, I'm not accepting, and I doubt I'll ever get there.  Maybe someday when I'm standing on top of a drive-up ramp. 

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