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One February Morning in Vietnam

On Aug 25, 2012 Leslie Nazareth wrote:

On Wednesdays it has been very helpful to read a piece with a clear message that anyone can connect with even when translated to local languages. However, sometimes I have felt the pieces have been complicated and ambiguous and therefore impossible to translate so I felt sorry for not having said something in advance. This time I would like to post a comment.

However powerful and real the experience may have been to the author, this reading just leaves one feeling like one has heard a story that could be a mere fantasy. This is perhaps because it has been separated from its context in a larger piece. The part that is included here does not properly set the stage for the final paragraph. It could therefore invite intellectual reverie about a state of perception rather than core thoughts about one's state of Being.

With gratitude and warm wishes to all who make this sharing possible,

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