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Unattainable Goal of Peace

On Aug 8, 2012 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

Hugging the Homeless. I was walking back to my room in Harlem from an afternoon of Free Hugs and there was a homeless woman sitting on the sidewalk. Her shopping cart filled with her possessions next to her, her shoes worn to nearly nothing. I approached her asking if she wanted a hug. She looked at me with disbelief. "You would hug me?" "If you want, yes, absolutely." She said yes. I kneeled down to hug her and she whispered to me that she had not been touched in almost 20 years. I hugged her tighter. Then I apologized, I had no money to give, as I was (and sometimes still am) a struggling Storyteller. She replied that the hug I gave was worth more than any money. Next time you see someone homeless, offer them a big of Peace for that moment, smile, and if your heart says to, offer a hug. Namaste. Kristin

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