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Unattainable Goal of Peace

On Aug 7, 2012 Narendra wrote:

Can you share a personal story where your endeavor to gain peace united you with others in bonds of friendship and trust? As a manager, when I worked on projects with end product as the goal, there was only an end product and no peace or people. When I shifted my attention from product to people, there was both peace and product. I was building not just products but a lifetime of trust and friendships.
What does being kinder mean to you? Since the process of life is dynamic, it implies a constant awareness and effort to be kinder and gentler to your environment as a way of life.  It means being open enough to include all of life as an extension of you. 
How do you sustain your journey toward absolute peace despite setbacks?
‘Setbacks’ are part of evolution and creation. They are challenges to learn from. Without ‘setbacks’ life can be very dull. Setbacks can be better managed, if our focus in life is on ‘best effort’ instead of  ‘best results’. In this path of ‘best effort’, failures and setbacks become opportunities to learn from and not disappointments. Life’s journey becomes an evolution toward higher consciousness. The material success that follows selfless effort will remain forever, a tool for service.

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