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Unattainable Goal of Peace

On Aug 5, 2012 david doane wrote:

 I think of Gandhi's famous statements that there is not a way to peace -- peace is the way; and nonviolence requires more courage than violence; and peace must first be found within; and that we must be the change (the peace) we wish to see.  For me those are profound truths.  The challenge is to live them.  As they do sink into my being I do notice myself being sometimes a little more accepting, less judgmental, more compassionate, more peaceful.  And in the process I am more aware of my oneness with others.  For me, being kinder means growing in being compassionate and respectful toward the other, and showing it in behavior, often simple behavior such as a smile, a verbal greeting, an encouraging word, a compliment, and simply listening to the other.  I sustain my journey by reminding myself of words of wisdom such as the quotes with which I began this paragraph and by practicing the behaviors mentioned.  Interacting with others who are like minded is also valuable sustenance for me. 

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