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A Spiritual Conspiracy

On Jul 19, 2012 jpsingh wrote:

More than what u can see at the physical or gross level at subtle level there is an evolved consciousness/someone self aware as I had told earlier called Qutub.Who makes people think ,feel and also act in a way that is beyond their comprehension. In face of that Qutub the rulers of super-powers are like mites/termites, the armies of Napoleon or Hitler or even technologies come to look like childrens playmobile toys or dinkies.
Everyone is struch in mire.
The great leaders can fool poor masses . But the real leader is he who has control over consciousness of every creature of earth.
Every one is involved save He. Every thing is subject to Him but he is subject to none.
This Qutb is a chosen one . He moves in a mendicants dress or in a tea shirts and jeans . He may be riding a limousine or a bullock cart.
He is at one place and everyplace.
One only needs eyes to see.
And His grace that gives to each the capacity to see Him.
May be He may decide to lift his veil .
But the gaze  of this Qutub  is very blinding.
This is the reason He always shows Himself in instalments
And keeps His face covered  with His maya
Like Sun with clouds.
Love and Best Wishes

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