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Somehow I'm Always Held

On Jun 8, 2018 Jadish P Dave wrote:

 Life is not a straight line and I know it. Life has twists and turns, highs and lows, ups and downs, ebb and flow. I have experienced such swings in my life. The most painful expereince in my life was  the breaking of my love relationship at young age. It was very hard for me to go throuh it.I was at the edge of my life. What held me was the gift of  Mindfulness Meditation I had received from my dad. It helped me to go through dark clouds to see the light of life. It did not happen suddenly. It took time for me to bounce back. This experience taught me how to cultivate empathy, compassion and forgiveness, equanimity, and vaule of life in all its seasons. I am very grateful  to my dad for offering this gift.

May we value life and learn how to live fully! May we be gratteful to those what hold our hand when we fall down!
Jagdish P Dave

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